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brand : Filmop category : Trolley code : 0022LP0303

VEGA TROLLEY is used for the cleaning services. It has plastic bumpers that prevent sudden impact. There is a U-shaped handle facilitates handling and pushing the trolley. Wringer of this trolley is roller wringer for that is very efficient. Roller wringer without bottom allows to rinse and wring the flat mop head directly inside the wringer into the bucket. This advantage makes reducing costs and working time and prevents unpleasant dripping onto the floor. Microfiber flat mop heads are suitable for these trolleys.

The main bucket has 28 liters capacity provided with a partition for the detergent and rinse water (or dirty water) are not mixed together. So in this case more contaminants are destroyed and cleaner and more hygienic environment can be achieved. This feature not only saves water and detergent but by reducing the time of cleaning, the user's workload is greatly reduced. Accessories of This trolley include a 50-liter bag holder, two 4-liter buckets, a plastic hook, a hook for a dustpan and flip handle holder. 

Frame made of polypropylene colpolymer material so it is strong. Simple to use tool makes it can be used in any environment and any conditions. Trolley multipurpose is used for rubbish collection and wet floor mopping in a small or medium-sized environment. There is a basket on the rear of the trolley to carry the bottles and other tools. In order to prevent people from slipping and injuries, "slippery surface" sign is printed on both sides of the trolley.

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley cleaning
type of wringer roller
material polypropylene

tank specifications

type of tank single tank with plate separator
solution tank capacity (L) 14
recovery tank capacity (L) 14

physical specifications

weight (kg) 11
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 800×420×1120
wheel diameter (mm) 80

Special Features

volume of garbage bag (L) 50
bag holder yes
other features recyclable - without any bolts
other facilities two 4 liter buckets - hook for holding cleaning tool


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