Industrial detergent ARENAS-oxydes

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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j653110

Industrial detergent ARENAS-oxydes is a disinfectant detergent with bleaching properties that have been produced for washing the textiles. Spectrum germicidal disinfection and the cleaning power of this detergent is very high, and hence provides an effective and quality cleaning result, especially at 60 ° C. Bleaching properties of the detergents in combination with ARENAS-wash detergent protects fiber and thus offers effective cleaning. This detergent has a special use in cleaning, disinfection and prevention of diseases in places such as nursing homes and hospitals.


The detergent can be used for disinfection of alkali-resistant textiles and textiles that are bleachable. This detergent has the best and most effective performance at 60 ° C.  The detergent is not suitable for cleaning textiles which heavily soiled with blood. Pay attention to the maximum temperature that is mentioned in any of textile washing guide, has an important role in cleaning quality and increasing their lifespan. 


In order to do the washing and disinfection of textiles by the detergent, use the right combination of ARENAS-oxydes with detergent ARENAS-wash, a main program of washing machine and a 60 ° C. For this purpose, connect the detergent tank to the pump of connecting section disinfection and it would be diluted automatically by washing machine. For the common use of the detergent, according to the capacity of the washing machine, mix the 0.5 percent of detergent ARENAS-oxydes with 1 percent ARENAS-wash detergent.


Per 100 grams of this detergent contains 25 grams of hydrogen peroxide, 5 grams of peracetic acid. As the other composition of this detergent can be mentioned to acetic acid. The pH value of this detergent, in concentrated form is equal to 1 and in ready-to-use form depends on the type of the other detergent which is mixed with.


Heating of the ARENAS-oxydes will cause combustion and in contact with metals is corrosive. Direct contact and inhalation irritates the respiratory system and it is very traumatic. This material is very toxic to aquatic animals and high durability in the environment. Not to smoke and prevent to change the tank of the detergent. After contact with it, rinse thoroughly the position with water for several minutes. It is better to use protective cover. Since this detergent is for professional use, is not suitable for consumer use.

technical specifications

general specifications

Concentration Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) Depending on the Volume of Textiles and Capacity of the Washing Machine
pH (Concentrated) 1
pH (Ready to Use) Depending on the Amount of Detergent ARENAS-wash

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces Textiles
Places Hospitals, Nursing Homes
Contamination A Variety of Bacteria and Germs
Combined Ratio with Water in Washing Machine 0.5 % of the Washing Machine Capacity (with 1% detergent ARENAS-wash)


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