industrial detergent Basic-oil

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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j222105

The Basic-Oil wax, is based on the natural raw material and has no fragrance, this wax returns the natural color of wood and would make dark stone surfaces shiny. This wax dries quickly and can be dispersed in the environment. This wax is very easy to use and apply.


This wax is used to create a protective layer of oil on a variety of surfaces such as wood parquet and wooden planks and paving, industrial parquet, chipboard, laminated wood. This wax is not suitable for use on surfaces which is impregnated with wax. It is better to before using the wax on wood surfaces which the nature is uncertain, first try a small amount of it on a small spot.

How to use Basic-Oil in cleaning

The wax is just used on the clean, dry and free of oil, wax, silicone and absorbent material surfaces. It is better that the temperature of the surface to be between 15 and 25 ° C. The use of proper ventilation during drying is necessary and when the wax hardens, the smell of linseed oil can be befalling. Shake well, before using.

In order to use the wax with the help of using a manual roller, spread approximately 800 ml of wax as a thin layer on the target surface. In order to react, the wax needs almost 30 minutes. If during this period, dry areas present on the surfaces, with the help of a hand roller moisten them. After 30 minutes, collect and remove the excess amount of wax from the surfaces, with the help of the neoprene squeegee (a synthetic rubber which is resistant to solvents) or Cotton cloths.

By using devices such as polisher and proper pads, completely remove the hard and thin layer from the surface. After 2 to 12 hours, polish the surfaces with the rotary floor machine again. In the basic treatment of surfaces, after almost 3 days and, in re-oiling, after 1 day, the surfaces become tread and wipe-proof.

Alternatively, some of the wax is poured into the spray can, spraying on the surface and polish the surfaces with the help of the rotary floor machine. After 1 day, the surfaces totally become tread and wipe proof.


Natural resins and oil, drying agents and water-soluble solvents are the main ingredients of this wax.


After using Basic-Oil wax, close the lid of the container and consume remains rapidly. Frosting affects the material properties and hence should be protected the wax against freezing. The wax is for professional usage, and hence is not suitable for consumer use.

technical specifications

general specifications

Color Light Yellow
productivity (mL/m2) Depending on the Absorption of the Surfaces: 80 to 120 in the First Layer of Wax / 20 to 40 in the Re-Oiling / 10 to 20 in Use of Spray

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces Wax-Free Types of Wooden Surfaces and Dark Stones
Places All Office and Residential Buildings

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