scent systems EA5000

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brand : Ebrahim category : scent systems code : EA5000

Industrial Air Freshener the EA5000, is a unique device and with a special design and beautiful appearance has a various types of scents and it can covers different tastes. Some of the features are:

This machine has the dimension of 25-25-50 cm, a weight about 9 kg and the power consumption of 30 watts, is usable in two normal and turbo modes. It turbo mode the speed of the machine will increase up to 2 times.

Atomization technology

The air Freshener the EA5000 operates on atomization technology, meaning that the particles containing the scents are in liquid phase due to the pressure of the device, but they turn to gas state as soon as they leave the device as a result of being on the standard pressure.

Extent of coverage

The device is able to cover an area of 5000 cubic meters in less than 5 minutes. It shows how powerful the device can be.

LCD Screen

The device has a LCD screen that makes it possible for the user to find out the status of the tank, the clock and the type of operation.

Variety in aromas

It can cover a wide range of scents these fragrances are without skin and respiratory allergies this enables the device to be used in aromatherapy as well.


The tank capacity is about 700 cc and washable, in the case of changing the scent the tank needs to be washed afterwards.

The ability of connecting to to the air conditioning system

The device can be independently used or it can be connected to an air conditioning system.

Other features

The device has also a digital panel, remote control system, thermometer and permanent memory.


The machine has appropriate dimensions and  it can provide a variety of fragrances therefore it can be used in hotels, restaurants, banks, universities, medical offices, gyms and ….

technical specifications

general specifications

Coverage Area (m3) 5000

tank specifications

Essential oil tank volume (ml) 700

motor and power supply specifications

energy consumption (w) 30

physical specifications

weight (kg) 9
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 500*250*250

Special Features

Digital Thermometer yes
Remote control yes
Programmability yes



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