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The ir-55B40noBAC hand scrubber has small and compact dimensions. The ir-55B40noBAC scrubber is an Iranian product and is known as a hospital floor scrubber. This device is widely used in cleaning all surfaces in places such as hospitals, clinics and health centers. One of the most important features of this device is having a washing width of more than half a meter and the ability to kill bacteria. The ir-55B40noBAC industrial floor washer t was 850 mm, while the wash width was 550 mm. The body structure of the Iranian scrubber ir-55B40noBAC uses silver nano ions, as a result of which this device has antibacterial properties and is very suitable for hygienic places. These properties protect the user against dangerous bacteria and thus reduce the consumption of detergents. It also kills all kinds of germs and bacteria in the environment and prevents it from multiplying. In addition to having valid certificates from inside, this Iranian device has ISO 22196 certification from abroad and also Ciba Institute antibacterial certificate.

Features of ir-55B40noBAC scrubber

In industrial floor washing machine, instead of complex electronic systems, mechanical parts have been used, which has increased resistance and reduced maintenance and handling costs. The ir-55B40noBAC device prevents the device from being restricted due to not using the power cable and providing the necessary power through the battery, and provides access to remote points. The industrial shoe machine is resistant to possible shocks because cylindrical shock absorbers are used in its body structure.

Professional structure of industrial scrubber ir-55B40noBAC

The dirty water tank of this device is designed to observe the hygienic principles of HACCP in such a way that it is completely washed and disinfected. It is located on the control panel, which is very easy for the user to work with. The floor of the floor washing machine is also adjustable, and the user takes the lead of the device according to his conditions and comfort. After washing the surface, the powerful suction motor of this machine leaves a completely dry surface by sucking contaminated water.

Ergonomic design and easy to use

Iranian antibacterial industrial floor cleaner is designed and built in a simple and completely user-friendly way. No complex electronic equipment was used in its design. The user can easily control the industrial scrubber by placing the keys on the back of the device. To move the brush up and down, simply use the mechanical lever to do this.

Device protection

As mentioned, in order to prevent damage to the industrial shoe from possible impacts, cylinders are placed on the sides of the machine and reduce the impact intensity when impacted. Also, a frame has been installed around the brush to prevent damage to the brush and wastage of water and detergents.

Silent performance

Due to the noiseless ir-55B40noBAC antibacterial hand scrubber, it is very suitable for use in medical environments, hospitals and clinics. The low noise level of this device makes cleaning possible and does not cause any inconvenience to patients.

Easy device repair

Due to the structure of the Iranian scrubber and also the lack of complexity of its electronic components, the repair operation of the device is very simple. Different components of the scrubber are easily accessible and technicians can quickly access the desired parts. As a result, the repair is done in the shortest possible time and with higher quality.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 2200
working width (mm) 550
suction width (mm) 850
Max speed (Km/h) 4
running time (min) 180

tank specifications

solution tank capacity (L) 40
recovery tank capacity (L) 45
tank material Antibacterial polyurethane

brush specifications

number of brushes 1
brush type Disc
brush speed (rpm) 180
brush pressure (kg) 23

suction unit specifications

waterlift max (mh2o) 1275
air flow max (m3/h) 115
squeegee shape Arch

motor and power supply specifications

motor type Battery-Operated
power (KW) 0.9
battery type Gel
(number of batteries×voltage) 24×2
battery capacity (Ah) 105

physical specifications

noise level (db) 60
weight (kg) 80.4
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1250×570×980


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