Iranian vacuum cleaner-EV3I

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brand : Ebrahim category : Industrial Vacuum Cleaner code : EV3I
Industrial EV3 semi-industrial vacuum cleaner is a professional three-motor vacuum cleaner with the ability to simultaneously suck water and soil and ideal dimensions, which is a perfect choice for cleaning the environment in light industries.

Advantages of Industrial EV3 semi-industrial vacuum cleaner

The motors of this device can be turned on and off separately, and based on this, the user can adjust the suction speed of the sucker according to the working conditions. In the production of the body and chassis of this semi-industrial vacuum cleaner, all thick steel has been used and the placement of the body on four wheels allows the easy movement of the device. The EV3I vacuum cleaner tank is easily detached from the main body through special clamps installed on the body and can be easily emptied in the right place. This device has a class L star filter with the ability to filter 3 micron particles and a large filter area has a significant performance and prevents the entry of fine micron particles into the engine and pump of the device and their return to the surrounding space.

Features of Industrial EV3 vacuum cleaner

The unique and distinctive features of Industrial EV3 vacuum cleaner are as follows:

Clean the filter

Due to the high efficiency of this type of vacuum cleaner, the filter of the device in industrial vacuum cleaners gets clogged quickly. It is not cost-effective to replace the filter regularly with this type of vacuum cleaner, which is why the EV3I three-motor vacuum cleaner uses a shock-proof manual cleaning system. This system is activated by a lever and particles and dust on the filter are removed by vibrating the filter.

Display filter function on device

The industrial EV3 Iranian three-motor vacuum cleaner has a display that measures the performance of the filter. This display lets you know quickly about the performance and clogging of the filter. This feature can help prevent unnecessary damage to the engine and pump system.

Ability to suck liquid and solid contaminants

The suction port of the EV3I semi-industrial vacuum cleaner is installed under the filter housing, which allows the Industrial EV3 vacuum cleaner to suck solids and liquids simultaneously without the need to replace the filter. Because liquids are denser than solid particles, they fall into the tank during suction and do not move towards the filter. As a result, the filter and the motor of the device are not damaged

technical specifications

general specifications

power cable length (m) 10

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 50

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum Centrifugal - 3
waterlift max (mh2o) 2500
air flow max (m3/h) 540

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter bag filter - 1
filter cleaning system shaker
filter area (cm2) 20000
filter class L

motor and power supply specifications

motor type collector
power (KW) 3.3
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 200 - 50

physical specifications

noise level (db) 67
weight (kg) 67
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 680×630×1250

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