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Ride on Floor Scrubber

Ride on Floor Scrubber - Ride on Floor Scrubber

Using modern cleaning methods and devices, instead of traditional methods reduce the amount of time and improve the quality. In comparison with walk behind models, ride on floor scrubber has more working width and more capacity for tanks (both solution tank and recovery tank), and therefore, it is a good option for cleaning wide surfaces floor. Since the ride on floor scrubber has a seat, the operator can sit and rides the scrubber dryer.

Feature of ride on floor scrubber

Since, the operators ride devices instead of walking behind them, the operators’ productivity is improved, because fatigue is reduced and they are physically able to do more and this can case saving in labor costs. Thereupon, mopping by ride on floor scrubbers instead of traditional methods and even walk behind floor scrubbers, the productivity and efficiency would be more increased. The Ride on floor scrubbers have two brushes and rotation of brushes, scrub all kinds of stain and debris such as dust, oil and grease. With a help of squeegee and vacuum motor which are installed at the rear of scrubber dryer, all of the dirty water would be collected and transferred to the recovery tank. Working width in ride on floor scrubber, depending on the models, can change between 66 to 100 centimeters and the solution capacity can be 70 to 150 liters. Wider scrubbing paths, mean a shorter time for cleaning, which increases productivity. In addition, the ability to hold more cleaning solution, makes fewer trips to a water source for refilling solution and empty out the dirty water.

Power supply of ride on floor scrubber

In order to prevent toxic gas and air pollution indoors, the ride on floor scrubbers, same as walk behind floor scrubber, use electrical energy. Moreover all Ride on scrubbers are battery operated.