heavy-duty floor scrubber

heavy-duty floor scrubber - heavy-duty floor scrubber

High floor area and significant volume of traffic in large commercial environments such as multi-storey shopping malls and high levels of pollution and harsh conditions in large industrial environments such as steel and cement factories, the use of a special category of scrubbers or industrial flooring in cleaning operations and Washing the floor surfaces of such environments is required. This category of car floor machines, known as Heavy-duty scrubbers, are industrial floor scrubbers in terms of structure, components and mode of operation, but in terms of having a completely industrial and very durable design. Higher efficiency are also more ideal options for use in harsh environments such as large industrial and commercial locations.

Features of hard working scrubbers

Hard-working floor salt machine has features that make it different from other non-hard-working models of industrial floor mop. The same features that exist in the structure of hard and industrial floor washing machines, make it possible to use this machine in environments with harsh working conditions without damaging the machine. The most important features that distinguish hard scrubbers from other categories of scrubbers are:

Unparalleled resistance

In the production of hard industrial saline machines, the most resistant materials have been used, which makes it possible to use this category of industrial floor washing machines in harsh conditions, including frequent use, long working shifts, highly contaminated floor surfaces, roughness and roughness. Provides land. The high resistance of different parts of hard-working saline floor machines guarantees the long life of this category and prevents premature wear of the floor machine. High strength means lower maintenance and maintenance costs, and although these scrubbers are more expensive than industrial and commercial ones, they cost less to own and are generally a more cost-effective solution for harsh working environments. .

high efficiency

Industrial and manufacturing factories, as well as commercial office complexes, are often large, and one of the problems with cleaning in such places is the prolongation of floor washing and disturbance to traffic, especially in the passages. Wider washing width and larger tanks of hard scrubbers are another distinguishing feature of this category, which makes this category of scrubbers remarkably efficient. The higher the efficiency of the floor cleaner, the larger the surface area it can cover in a given period of time. Thus, the number of scrubbers required to perform floor cleaning operations in a reasonable period of time and consequently the required manpower is reduced, and finally, in addition to reducing the duration of floor cleaning and speeding up cleaning, costs are reduced. Also, the high efficiency of these scrubbers and fast washing will provide the possibility of cleaning during the day and even during peak hours without disturbing.

 More cleaning power

Hard-salt floor scrubbers and scrubbers are designed to provide the best cleaning results, and therefore have all the necessary parameters to increase the cleaning power of the device. The pressure of the brushes in this category is higher than industrial ground machines, which ensures the removal of stubborn contaminants. Also, the powerful suction motors and para-shaped blades used in this category of industrial floor washing machines ensure complete suction of water and pollution even when the machine is fully rotated in the corners of the environment. T and suction motor with professional and powerful design causes the surfaces to dry quickly and prevents dirt and water from remaining on the smooth surfaces of the floor.

Ease of maintenance

Industrial and hard-working category Industrial scrubbers or industrial floor cleaners are designed and built to work in large environments, industrial environments, environments with uncommon pollution, etc. For this reason, the superiority of this category of industrial saline floor machines compared to normal and non-hard working models is industrial design. This industrial design reduces the possibility of breakdown and damage to the machine during washing of large and industrial environments, and thus it will be easier to maintain. However, if non-hard scrubbers are used in highly industrial environments with unusual contaminants, the machine is more likely to break down and will require very high cost and time to maintain.

High operating speed and maneuverability

One of the problems in washing large surfaces in large commercial complexes, industrial places, large and multi-storey car parks, etc., is the low speed of operation and low coverage in different places. During the cleaning process on a large scale may cause inconvenience and many problems, and therefore the use of ordinary industrial flooring machines is not possible and responsive. Due to the design and production of hard-working scrubber machine based on industry standards and the optimality of this machine for working in environments with industrial or large pollution, floor washing with this machine is done with higher speed and due to the power of movement and maneuver On top of this device in industrial contaminated surfaces, there is no need to repeat the cleaning. For this reason, smooth surfaces can be washed much faster by hard scrubbers.

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