industrial ride on scrubber

Ride on scrubber dryers are mechanical tools for cleaning hard floors that can be driven like an automobile. Industrial scrubber dryers which are pushed manually are smaller than ride on models and they have larger dimensions, thus a higher capacity to be used for cleaning larger surfaces. This category of scrubber dryers have been equipped with a seat that the user sits on it and device is controlled by a steering wheel.

Ride on scrubber dryer features

Industrial scrubber dryer offers optimal performance. While the use of both walk behind and ride on device is possible in the same situation, using the larger model would be more economical and affordable.

More cleaning width

The ride on scrubber dryers have the biggest width of cleaning and when it is moving in their path a large amount of floors can be cleaned; So the cleaning and washing operation is done significantly quickly.

High capacity tanks

These types of scrubber dryers have high capacity solution tank and recovery tank, thus clean water run out later. According to this issue is not necessary to make them full and empty frequently and this cause to save the time.

Battery powered

Ride on scrubber dryers have been equipped with gel battery and it make the device more maneuverable. Gel batteries due to low maintenance costs, long life and high rate charge, so these kinds of power supplies are included in industrial batteries which have optimized performance.

Propulsive engine

The ride on scrubber dryers are high weight, thus they have a propulsive engine to easy and quick drive them into forward. The engine increases the velocity and ease of operation cleaning and washing smooth surfaces and the floors would be cleaned with high level of quality.

Industrial and mechanical structure

The scrubbers are based on mechanical principles of design they are without complex systems of electronic, so the damage and cost of repair and maintenance decreased. In addition to the ease of operation in harsh industrial environments is provided.

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