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Washing and disinfecting the ground with a scrubber

The World Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the ground be cleaned regularly in any space and then disinfected with a suitable disinfectant used to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. As important as it is to keep the surfaces clean, it is important to choose the right methods and equipment for washing and disinfecting the floor like floor scrubber dryer machine. Contamination control of surfaces, especially in medical, industrial, commercial centers and in general all crowded and busy spaces is not achieved by using buckets and mop, but it is an industrial floor washing machine that has a mechanized and professional function. It can control a large part of the contaminants scattered on the surface.

Fill the solution tank with disinfectant substance

All industrial floor washing machines have two separate tanks for clean water and dirty water, and to improve hygiene with a scrubber, you can add appropriate detergents or disinfectants to the clean water tank; ‌ Materials approved by the manufacturer They do not deliver to the device and are not alcoholic.

 In this method, disinfectant can be added to the tank of the device, and without the suction system being active, the industrial floor cleaner can move in the environment, wash and disinfect the surface, and allocate time for the rest of the material on the ground.

 After a sufficient period of time has been ensured, the floor suction system is activated and the solution is collected from the surface. When using this method, it should be noted that the busy hours and traffic should not be too much so that the safety of the people present in the environment does not occur in terms of slipping and slipping.

Spray disinfectant and collect by the floor scrubber dryer

In order to promote health with scrubbers, it is possible to first apply the desired disinfectant (approved and safe for industrial flooring) on ​​the surfaces by hand and after sufficient time, the device in the environment. It moves and at the same time as it washes, it collects the disinfectant solution and dries the soil.

In both cases, at the end of the washing operation, the tanks of the device should be emptied and the dirty water tank should be thoroughly washed and disinfected as it can contain bacteria. In addition to tanks, brushes or machine brushes, T-tires and hoses are easily accessible, washable and disinfected. When disinfecting these parts, it is necessary to use gloves, masks or face protectors. The device must be emptied and cleaned in a suitable place.

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