accessories Floor Sweeper

Floor sweeper is a device for cleaning and collecting dry pollutants which is accumulated on floor surfaces. Industrial sweepers, depending on the model of the device are equipped with one or two side disk brushes. The rotation of the side brushes of the machine directs the accumulated pollutants to the middle section and eventually the pollutants accumulated in the middle part of the machine are transferred to the tank by the counter rotation of the central roller brush. One of the essential components of floor sweeper devices that play an important role in preventing the dust from emitting into the environment is device filtration system. The filter installed inside the tank reservoir improves the quality of the surrounding air by preventing dust particles from emitting. Like other mechanical and industrial equipment, floor sweeper machines have accessories parts. Timely replacement of accessories parts and proper maintenance of them can have a significant impact on the optimum performance of the device and extend its useful life.

Certainly, using the appropriate brushes on the floor surface will not only result in better results but also protect the flooring and prevent damage to them. Flap around the device is another interchangeable and functional part that plays an important and key role in controlling and preventing the spread of fine particles and dust caused by the rotational movement of the side brushes. Obviously, the damping of the flaps around the device reduces the ability to maintain a vacuum, resulting in the spread of dust particles in the air.

It should be noted that the design of floor sweeper is such that replacement of accessories parts is done easily and without the need for special tools. And the user can easily replace parts such as side brushes and roller brushes with a simple training course.

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