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brand : Filmop category : Trolley code : 00227230

MULTIPURPOSE SMART TROLLEY with roller wringer will be used for general cleaning, dusting, mopping floor, garbage collection and etc. This trolley cleans small to large environments hygienically and professionally. The frame of the trolley is made of steel that covered with chromium. The modular structure, strong and easy to use makes this trolley it to a useful tool for cleaning purpose and can be used to clean the environment regularly.

The trolley has two 15 liter buckets, two 6 liter buckets, baskets for carrying bucket, 120 liter bagholder and flip handle holder. The buckets is to separate clean water and dirty water and not only makes health and environmental cleaning, but save water, detergent, time and energy. Handle small buckets with a transparent cover is used to keep detergents and cleaning tools. The basket that is for carrying buckets is non-slippery, in addition of easy moving, prevents dripping water onto the floor. 

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley multipurpose
type of wringer roller
material stainless steel with chromium coating

tank specifications

type of tank two separated tanks
solution tank capacity (L) 15
recovery tank capacity (L) 15

physical specifications

weight (kg) 18.1
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 660×850×1150
wheel diameter (mm) 100

Special Features

volume of garbage bag (L) 120
bag holder yes
other features recyclable
other facilities two 6 liter Bucket with lid - basket for carrying buckets


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