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brand : Filmop category : Trolley code : 0000LF0050YU

OneFred Industrial Cleaning Trolley is a suitable cleaning tool for wet floor washing in large and wide environments, which by having separate tanks of clean and polluted water will prevent the spread of pollution in the environment during the cleaning process, will greatly increase the cleaning quality. Dad. This cleaning trolley is designed and manufactured in accordance with European GPP guidelines for the use of environmentally friendly products. High capacity buckets and tanks made of recycled plastic, PSV certified, are among the unique features of this practical industrial cleaning tool.
OneFred cleaning trolley is produced with repairable or replaceable parts that can be easily replaced with spare parts. The structure and materials used in the production of this industrial salt shaker ensure the long life cycle of the device for the user.

PSV certification

The materials used in the OneFred structure of plastic parts are PSV certified - Plastic Second Life is an environmental product certification that ensures and facilitates the identification of goods obtained using recycled plastics. This product is made of materials that can be separated in the environment and is therefore recyclable and environmentally friendly.

OneFred cleaning trolley features

 Made of high quality polypropylene copolymer: lightweight, impact resistant, heavy duty and low temperature
 Ergonomic design, light weight, compact and durable
• Class retainer, integrated structure with shock absorber for more impact resistance. Can be used with 15 and 25 liter buckets
• Functional and easy to use with ergonomic handles for use as a trolley or trolley that facilitates the movement of the device.
• OneFred cleaning trolley is equipped with two 25 liter buckets, for clean water and cleaning T rinse. Separating the cleaning solution tanks from the water collected from the ground will enable better cleaning results, better hygiene, save on detergents and reduce cleaning time with the least difficulty for the workforce.
 Equipped with T-salt: Ideal for T-dehydration, quick-wash system and T-rinse.

Uses of the OneFred cleaning troll

The use of OneFred industrial t-salt or cleaning trolley in commercial and office environments of industries, shops and office centers or residences such as hotels increases the speed and quality of cleaning and its ease of use in the environment, reducing the difficulty of the cleaning process and water consumption Will bring.

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley cleaning
type of wringer roller
material polypropylene

tank specifications

type of tank two separated tank
solution tank capacity (L) 25
recovery tank capacity (L) 25

physical specifications

weight (kg) 5.8
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 730×400×780


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