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The types of industrial high pressure washer

High-pressure washers are one of industrial cleaning tools that use for clean any object in different size and style.

High-pressure washers are built in different kind and size for different situations. For choosing a suitable model of high-pressure washer, must attend to some tips.

Type of application of industrial pressure washer

All high-pressure washer consists of four parts of the pump, gasoline motor, electric motor, nozzle and hoses. Also, there is a hose for connection to the entrance water source. Unit of measurement of water pressure is bar. The price of high-pressure is determined based on the factors mentioned and its applications.

Home applications

This kind of high-pressure washers is suitable for the home. Under 100 bar high-pressure washer is in this category and use for cleaning bicycle, small car and yard and something else like these. the price of this kinf=d of the high-pressure washer is less than the others and accessories available for this kind.

Semi-industrial applications

This category has pressure over than 100 bar, this kind use in cleaning of large cars, Valves, pipes, and gutters. Also with this work pressure, it can be used to wash the pool, bathtub and fences. This kind is suitable for the large environment and the price is more the home kind.

Industrial high-pressure washers

This category of waterjets can be up to 3000 bar. This machine is used to wash heavy vehicles and stone and brick environments. The nozzles of this device are expended with high pressure water and the use of it requires compliance with safety principles.

Important points before choosing industrial carwash

The buyer must pay attention to a few points before choosing a waterjet device:

The location of the device and the surface to be washed

The amount of water power and power supply that depends on the area and space used.

The use of the filter at the pump inlet also improves performance and does not damage the pump.

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