Holding the twentieth construction industry exhibition with the presence of Ebrahim Trading Company

The twentieth exhibition of the construction industry was held from 20 to 23 September in Tehran International Exhibition Center with the presence of a large number of construction companies and companies active and related to this field. In this exhibition, various companies introduced their equipment and innovations in the field of construction machinery and related equipment. The presence of reputable companies of construction equipment and machinery in this exhibition was a good opportunity for other companies to get acquainted with new technologies and technologies of industrial construction. Meanwhile, Ibrahim Industrial Development Company, a supplier of mechanized industrial cleaning devices, supplier, and support of this equipment, was also present in this exhibition and announced its readiness to provide cleaning services and equipment to engineering and construction companies.

Using various industrial cleaning equipment in construction industry

The construction industry is one of the largest and most important industries in a country. The premises of these workshops are exposed to various pollutants due to the movement of machinery, workers, and people in the environment. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness in them, in addition to the apparent advantages, can have a great impact on improving the quality of building construction and also increase the safety of workers in the workshop environment. By using mechanized industrial cleaning equipment, you can greatly speed up the cleaning process of construction workshops and be more successful than before by maintaining the health of people and the optimal operation of equipment in such industrial environments.

The importance of maintaining safety and cleanliness in construction sites

Maintaining safety and cleanliness in the construction site is very important to maintain the health of people and the optimal operation of industrial construction machinery. Also, observing cleanliness during the construction of large structures has maintained the quality of construction and compliance with construction standards and can prevent many unwanted costs during construction.

Industrial cleaning equipment applied in the construction industry

With the advancement of technology and the design and production of large industrial machines, industrial cleaning devices and equipment also emerged and became more and more advanced and efficient than before. These types of equipment are widely used for cleaning industrial environments and construction workshops and play an important role in maintaining their safety and cleaning quality. Devices such as industrial scrubbers and sweepers, industrial pressure washer, facade cleaners, and industrial vacuum cleaners are among the mechanized cleaning equipment that is widely used in the construction industry.

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