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Reducing the time and cost with using scrubbers

Scrubber dryer machine because of its superior performance and increase the productivity of users in global markets has achieved significant successfully sales. Design and construction of mechanical scrubber dryers are ergonomic for all users and thus enjoys the ease of handling; In addition a variety of hard surfaces with unparalleled quality are rinsed and dried. Industrial scrubber machines have been designed for cleaning a variety of environments, including commercial centers, stores, parking lots, warehouses, offices and agencies, hospitals, schools, factories and so on used. Scrubber dryer invention led to remove the problems and risks of old fashioned methods and they increase the efficiency of human resources. The advantage of using this cleaning machine cause to improve business conditions.

The main parts of scrubber dryer

All kinds of scrubbers have three essential parts include brushing system, solution tank and recovery tank and vacuum unit. Brush unit has a high speed rotational motion that enables to separate the mass of ground, deep infection and at the same time with this process, clean water or cleaning solution from the tank is sprayed on the brushes and washing process is done by better quality also it prevents scratching of the floors. The rear squeegee has a T-shaped crescent that is embedded at the end of the machine; this part collects remained contamination during the process and the collected materials through vacuum unit have been transferred into the recovery tank.

Scrubber as a unique machine for cleaning surfaces

The coordination of main parts of scrubber has doubled efficiency and the possibility of washing and drying will be provided at the same time. Scrubber has a separate solution and recovery tanks, which the pollution don’t enter to rinse cycle and the polluted water doesn’t transfer from one point to another. Also, quick drying of the surface avoids the risk of slippery people in the environment and doesn’t remain strips. With the traditional ways contaminated water back into the washing cycle and remained dirty and entails the risk of slipping.

Difference between battery powered and cable scrubber

The Selection of the battery powered or cable scrubber machine is dependent on environmental conditions. To clean small and medium or low density areas that have easy access to electricity power using of a cable scrubbers will be appropriate. On the other hand for washing the surface in a high density means that there is a high volume of traffic with low maneuverability for moving the cable, a battery powered scrubber dryer is suitable.

High efficiency scrubber dryer

Since the characteristics of the environments are different, the scrubber dryer machines have been designed and manufactured for different needs and making satisfaction. Walk behind scrubbers are small and compact which are used for washing of small and crowded places. Ride on scrubber dryers have more width of cleaning and large tanks that have high capacity. If using both walk behind and ride on scrubbers are possible, the use of ride on scrubber would be ideal; when clean water is running out the machine ends up in the right place to unloading recovery and refill solution tank. This process takes time, if the machine is small, the number of this action will be increased. Therefore, water of high capacity machines run out later, so time will be saved.

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