New technology of Istobal company in order to disinfect the interior and exterior surfaces of the car

Istobal has introduced new technologies for the disinfection of the interior and exterior of vehicles, according to new protocols for surface disinfection during the Quaid-19 era.

The company has developed a new technology for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces without damaging them and being safe for humans.

interior sanitization

Disinfection of interior surfaces is done by a hand sprayer that spreads disinfectant throughout the car’s interior. This sprayer can also be used to disinfect the exterior of the vehicle.

In addition to spraying the company with ozone-producing equipment in eight minutes, it disinfects the vehicle by dispersing ozone through the car’s air conditioner; another notable point is eliminating unpleasant odours by ozone.

exterior sanitization

Istobal has developed an automatic arc-like device consisting of several sprayers that spray the biocidal product on all parts of the vehicle as it passes.

The anti-virus arc detects the vehicle while passing the vehicle using photocell sensors and starts spraying the solution. This arch is suitable for disinfecting cars up to a height of 2.8 meters and can disinfect about 1000 vehicles per day.

Istobal Company markets this automatic arc for disinfection of commercial vehicles such as buses, fire trucks, refrigerated trailers, waste management and railways (underground and ground trains).

The company has also introduced a brush cleaner to minimize contamination, preventing contamination by shifting between carwashes and vehicles.

Many people are interested in using this new washing idea to disinfect their vehicle; this product’s prototypes being tested in Spain. And we will see this product enter the market soon.

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