lances and guns

lances and guns - lances and guns

Lance and high pressure gun are two of the main components in an industrial high pressure cleaner device. They are responsible for the transport of high pressure water from high pressure hoses to spray nozzles. Since they are in direct and continuous contact with water and in some cases in contact with detergents, in order to prolong their useful life, they are made of resistant and anti-corrosion materials.

High pressure gun controls the high-pressure water flow, by pulling the trigger of the high pressure gun the internal valve opens and the high pressure water release through the high pressure lance from the high pressure nozzle. When the trigger is released, the valve closes again and the water jet is stopped, but the pump still continues to transport the water. In this situation, the existence of protective systems, such as bypass system or automatic total stop system in the industrial high pressure cleaner machine, by creating a subsonic current in the pump or completely switching off the device, prevents damage to the pump and deplete the device. The smooth movement, ergonomic structure and light weight of the trigger play a significant role in reducing fatigue of the user during cleaning, so ultimately increasing work efficiency. 

Lance and high pressure gun are among the spare parts in the industrial high pressure washer device, so in good working order they should be kept safe. A high pressure gun by connecting to the lenses allows access and washing of difficult and far-reaching points. The high pressure gun is available in three short, long, and fixed lance models. Compared to the short gun, the use of a long gun with lance increases user access to tough spots and facilitates cleaning operations. Fixed lance guns are often used for hot water high pressure washers. In selecting the right high pressure gun for industrial high pressure device, it is important to pay attention to the amount of durable pressure and velocity and its adaptation to the high pressure washer device.