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brand : Columbus category : Scrubber Dryer code : ARA66BM70

ARA66BM70 is a ride-on, powerful scrubber drier manufactured by a German company called Columbus. This ride-on scrubber drier has a length of 138 cm and a width of 85 cm can be transferred by any type of elevator. Furthermore, the machine’s dimensions are suitable enough to aid its maneuverability, moving on slopes in buildings or spaces with ramps, narrow aisles at universities, hospitals, and supermarkets. As a ride- on scrubber drier, ARA66BM70 can clean 600 meters more than a walk-behind machine within an hour, which is an evidence of ARA66BM70’s higher efficiency.

ARA66BM70’s Distinguishing Features

ARA66BM70 ride-on scrubber is smallest ride-on scrubber drier of Columbus company and benefits from many outstanding features in comparison with other scrubber driers of Compact level on the market.

Strong Industrial Structure

instead of a complicated delicate electrical system, ARA66BM70 ride-on scrubber drier has a robust mechanical system and most operating systems in this device are activated by mechanical levers. As a result of this, the machine won’t break down frequently or take much wear and tear. The cylinders embedded in the body of the machine protect the unit against any unexpected blows .

High Maneuverability

ARA66BM70 industrial scrubber drier has a high maneuverability. Despite the short width, which has yet helped the machine move easily through narrow corridors, it has a suitable cleaning width. While the minimum radius for turning around in other similar scrubber driers is more than 190 cm, ARA66BM70 needs only 165 cm to turn around.

High Efficiency

ARA66BM70 ride-on scrubber drier has a maximum performance efficiency of 4620 square meters per hour. This astonishing performance is relative to the maximum speed of the machine. While the maximum speed of mechanized scrubber driers is between 5/5-6 km per hour, ARA66BM70 has a maximum speed of 7km.

High Cleaning Quality

ARA66BM70 is equipped with two disk brushes, so the pressure exerted on the surface by these brushes is a lot more than what is exerted by rolling brushes. The machine is suitable for industrial purposes and cleaning even surfaces with a big load of pollution.  The pressure exerted by ARA66BM70 brushes is about 40 kg. On the other hand, the good rotating speed makes a close contact between the brushes and the pollution which as a result helps removing the dirt from the surface and raises the cleaning quality effectively. Rotating speed of the brushes is less than the average speed of other ride-on scrubber driers on the market on compact level. With regard to the speed of brushes while rotating, ARA66BM70 can be considered an ideal scrubber drier on the market.

Easy Application, Service and Maintenance

ARA66BM70 ride – on scrubbers are designed and manufactured in a user-friendly way. The keys and buttons in the control panel of the machine are reduced to the least possible number and since there is a clear, comprehensible icon next to each button, the machine can be operated simply without getting mixed up.  To change, service, or repair the brushes, it will be enough to push a button. The batteries and other components are placed under the driver’s seat which has not only led to the efficient use of the machine but it has also facilitated maintenance and service.

Efficient Vacuum System

ARA66BM70 is equipped with a crescent-shaped vacuum system which is attached to the machine with a registered system. This creative system causes the squeegee to be directed in the same direction as the machine and vacuum any water or pollution left on the ground without leaving any water marks even in fast rotations. The squeegee holder is made of Steel and its weight causes the squeegee rubber to be in direct contact with the ground and its efficiency in vacuuming water will be raised.

Gel Batteries

With regard to the vital role of batteries in providing the necessary power for the machine to operate, ARA66BM70 is supplied with high quality batteries. ARA66BM70 needs four batteries to operate on , which are manufactured by a German company,  Sonnenschein. These batteries have longer life spans in comparison with acid batteries. 

Powerful Traction Motor

ARA66BM70 ride-on scrubber drier is equipped with a powerful traction, 750 Wat motor. This traction motor is located on rear tires, and not only provides the necessary power for the machine to go up steep surfaces, but it also prevents the machine from slipping.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 3960
working width (mm) 660
suction width (mm) 850
Max speed (Km/h) 7
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 12
running time (min) 120

tank specifications

solution tank capacity (L) 70
recovery tank capacity (L) 80
tank material Polyethylene

brush specifications

number of brushes 2
brush type Disc
brush speed (rpm) 180
brush pressure (kg) 40

suction unit specifications

waterlift max (mh2o) 1120
air flow max (m3/h) 115
squeegee shape Arch

motor and power supply specifications

motor type Battery-Operated
power (KW) 1.69
battery type Gel
(number of batteries×voltage) 24×4
battery capacity (Ah) 180

physical specifications

noise level (db) 63
weight (kg) 211
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1380×680×1170

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