continuous industrial vacuum cleaner

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Is the wide range of industrial and semi-industrial vacuum cleaners confusing you as well? We are here to help you. One of the factors to consider before buying is the amount of use of the device; How many minutes do you turn the device off and on? Do you constantly press the power button or will it be on all the time in an eight-hour shift? But the reason for how important it works is the difference between continuous and intermittent industrial vacuum cleaners and how to choose a system that meets your needs in this article.

What is a continuous industrial vacuum cleaner

This category of industrial vacuum cleaners is designed for continuous and long-term operation, and one of the most common functions of this device is the continuous collection of any kind of pollution, including garbage, waste, and garbage from the production line and other parts of industrial centers. These devices are used to meet the needs of general cleaning needs. The permanent vacuum cleaner is equipped with a turbine engine that does not require maintenance and due to the lack of abrasion parts, it does not have the problem of overheating and damage, so it is possible to continuously and continuously suck the turbine engine equipped without interruption. Got a job. Permanently operated devices run continuously and their motor has the highest efficiency. Permanent working devices can also be used intermittently.

What is a work or semi-industrial vacuum cleaner

We use these devices for shorter periods of time and are ideal for quick cleaning and frequent turning on and off. Engines used in intermittent machines can be switched on and off for hours. The service life of intermittent vacuum cleaners is significantly shorter than that of permanent vacuum cleaners. Parts of intermittent machines wear out faster, so it is never possible to operate them continuously 24 hours a day.

Types of engines

Considering the difference between continuous and intermittent industrial vacuum cleaners , we must go to the classification of motors available in the market.

Coal engines

Designed for intermittent work, these motors are the cheapest type of motor available and the elite have the lowest efficiency. The air path of the blower goes directly into the engine and actually keeps the engine suction cool. This means that if one of the filters breaks or is removed, the debris you collect goes directly into the engine and is likely to cause damage. Whenever this happens or the internal metal coil wears out, there is no suction and you have to change the engine. Coal engines are designed for intermittent use only. If you decide to use this type of engine continuously, it will not last more than a month and will only increase your TCO, which is why it is important to choose the right engine for your needs.

Coal bypass engine

Coal-fired engines are more expensive than coal-fired engines, but are a viable option for an industrial suction system. These motors are suitable for intermittent use of pulses because their parts wear out over time. The bypass coal motors are designed with two air paths, and act as an exhaust as the air enters from two different points and exits from one point. This reduces the risk of transferring waste to the engine and damaging it. These engines have a lifespan of 900 hours, and when carbon is lost, you can replace it, and of course you have to bear the cost of maintenance and repair. Duration, cost of parts, and the fact that the machine will only work for another 300 hours, suggest that a complete engine replacement is less expensive than repairing it.


Turbine engines are a new addition to the suction industry that more and more companies are turning to. And why? These engines close the cost and performance gap between the bypass coal engine and regenerative blowers. Engine efficiency is very high in terms of energy consumption and performance and can work both permanently and intermittently. You can work with this device for about 10,000 hours. If you have a variety of cleaning needs or you think your equipment needs an industrial vacuum cleaner that can be used both permanently and intermittently, consider a continuous industrial turbine vacuum cleaner.


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