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vacuum cleaner filter - vacuum cleaner filter

The filtration process in industrial vacuum cleaners has been applied to remove particles such as dust, soot, etc. from the air and prevent entering them into delicate parts and components. Various types of vacuum cleaner filter are now available that allow particles to be separated from the air with different features and characteristics which are used in various industries with multiple applications. Filters have several classifications in terms of the filtration levels and particle size, thus the filters are made in diverse types and shapes. Each of these filters is fitted to the type of materials which are collected with industrial vacuum cleaner machines.

All vacuum cleaners, including consumer, commercial, semi-industrial, industrial and heavy duty machines have a primary filter compulsory and optionally safety filter which are compatible with the operation. While cleaning and collecting materials is done in various environments, especially in industrial areas a variety of large and fine materials are vacuuming up and it is necessary to prevent transferring the fine particulate into the suction unit.

To place the appropriate filter on the industrial vacuum cleaner will trap the particles and separate them from the air. If the vacuum cleaner works without filter or does not have a proper filter, the particles will run into the suction unit and other important internal components that cause serious and irreparable damage. To use the correct filter on the various types of vacuum cleaners will be as important as choosing the suitable vacuum cleaner. To develop science and technology the industrial vacuum cleaner design has been improved, thus its accessories like the filter also improved which makes collecting special materials possible. Very fine substances like cement, electrostatic materials and very hot materials are some of these substances that are able to be vacuumed up with industrial vacuum cleaners that have been equipped with unique filters.

Filter cleaning is also an important process, for this purpose an integrated filter cleaning system has been mounted integratedly on the vacuum cleaner body.