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How to Extend Scrubber Dryer’s Life

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Each time the industrial floor scrubber dryer mechanized cleaning machine is turned on and started, a new opportunity is given to the user to extend its lifespan; ‌ But what does this mean? In fact, when using the machine, there are three opportunities to prevent successive breakdowns of industrial floor cleaners and increase its useful life. The principles that the user follows before, during and after using the mechanized cleaning machine will determine the life of the device and the amount of need for service. Increasing the life of a cleaning device means a significant reduction in costs and saves time and energy, and therefore the maintenance of industrial floor scrubber dryer is an important process in this way.

Before using

Before using the industrial floor cleaner and before the device enters the desired environment, there are some things that must be observed. For example, if the environment is full of dust and garbage, before using the floor scrubber dryer , it is necessary to sweep the ground and collect garbage, and it is easy to see that all garbage and Contaminants that are removed before using industrial footwear never come into contact with important parts of the device such as brushes, tees, filters, hoses, etc., or settle in a dirty water tank. So a great way to extend the life of your device is to avoid overworking it.

During using

Some car experts suggest that you drive with a radiator and low fan once a week so that if there is an abnormal sound when the car is moving, it can be easily heard. This recommendation will also be useful for maintaining an industrial scrubber; ‌ One of the best ways to ensure the good performance of an industrial saline floor machine is to pay close attention during operation. Once the user knows the operation of their machine, if they hear a loud noise from the suction motor or see streaks of water on the ground, they will quickly realize that something does not look right and there is a problem with the components of the industrial floor scrubber dryer. For example, the loud sound of the suction motor indicates its failure, or the presence of water traces on the ground indicates the failure of the T-tire or the suction system in general. Therefore, when working with the device, the user should always consider the overall performance of the industrial floor scrubber dryer as well as its components.

After using

When it comes to extending the life of a machine, the things that are done at the end of using an industrial floor cleaner are more important than anything else; properly maintained, the industrial floor scrubber dryer will function as an efficient tool for many years to come. Most maintenance operations are performed after daily washing. Having a checklist and following it can always be helpful and effective, for example, removing and cleaning parts such as brushes and hoses is easy and re-installing. Dirty water hoses and filters are two pieces that are especially important to clean. The device’s clean water tank requires less maintenance than other parts, but that does not mean it was neglected. At the end of the day, both the clean water tank and the dirty water tank must be completely emptied. Leaving water in the tanks for a long time will leave deposits and mold, which will be a problem. After draining the dirty water tank and checking the hoses, the lid should be open until the tank is completely dry.


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